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Getting started


$ yarn add rescript-pages @emotion/css @rescript/react rescript-asyncdata

Add them to your bsconfig.json dependencies:

 "bs-dependencies": [
+  "rescript-pages",
+  "@rescript/react",
+  "rescript-asyncdata"

For the livereload to work, start ReScript with the -ws 9999 build option (that'll make it possible for ReScript Pages to listen for compilation end).


Create a directory for your contents, let's say contents. In this directory, you can create collection by adding directories:

|_ blog
|_ pages

There, you have two collections, blog & pages. You can add markdown files in them.

The posts will be sorted by filename, but you can specify custom slugs.


You'll need to create a React component with the following signature:

let make = (~url: ReasonReact.Router.url, ~config: Pages.config) => React.element

And then expose your application:

/* This function takes the data store and returns an array of URLs to pre-render */
let getUrlsToPrerender = ({Pages.getAll: getAll}) =>
  Array.concatMany([["/"], getAll("docs")-> => `/docs/${slug}`), ["404.html"]])

let default = Pages.make(
  make, /* Your root React component */
    siteTitle: "bloodyowl", /* Default title */
    siteDescription: "My site", /* Default description */
    mode: SPA, /* SPA (with JS) or Static (without JS) */
    distDirectory: "dist", /* Where to write the built file */
    baseUrl: "", /* Where the website lives */
    staticsDirectory: Some("public"), /* Assets to copy to the `distDirectory` root */
    paginateBy: 2,  /* Page size */
    variants: [
        subdirectory: None,  /* Where to write in `distDirectory` */
        localeFile: None, /* JSON file containing locales */
        contentDirectory: "contents", /* Where to find markdown contents */
        getUrlsToPrerender: getUrlsToPrerender,
        getRedirectMap: Some(_ =>
          Js.Dict.fromArray([("old-url", "new-url")])
Copyright 2021 - Matthias Le Brun