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Environment file

Sometimes you'll need to make some values available in the global scope for your tests (e.g. some DOM functionality that JSDOM doesn't handle, some stuff you add using webpack…).

For those needs, you can add retest.env.js in your project root directory:

// Translation functionglobal.__ = (string) => string;
// localStoragelet storage = {};let localStorage = {  setItem: (key, value) => (storage[key] = value),  getItem: (key) => (storage.hasOwnProperty(key) ? storage[key] : null),  removeItem: (key) => delete storage[key],  clear: () => (storage = {}),};
Object.defineProperty(global, "localStorage", { value: localStorage });Object.defineProperty(window, "localStorage", { value: localStorage });

When testing with DOM, be careful to set your properies on both window & global, as sometimes they're accessed as properties instead of variables.